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I would like to clarify that for Rolex replicas I mean watches with a design similar to those of the Swiss brand: therefore we do not speak of assembled Rolex or fake Rolex, also because you will never see them in our portal. When the premise was closed, I started looking for an imitation of a Rolex Submariner replica worthy of being reviewed. After consulting several watch forums, read some articles on foreign blogs and videos on Youtube, I found my answer on “Replicabest” (for those who do not know it, it’s a great online store where you can also pay with Paypal) discovering then only later that the model on which I had set my eyes was one of the best-selling watches (among other things also in Italy) from the online store.

The selected clock is Tevise T801A; this product costs about 20 dollars and then falls within our budget (more exactly, the last card reads 16 euros). The model comes to my house after a week; my expectations were obviously not large, but the curiosity to analyze the model was great.

I asked myself the question: who is the public that buys this type of watches?

I think those who buy these models are mainly a passionate Rolex replica, but above all someone who looks for a watch to wear every day, without pretensions and without the fear of being able to scratch. As I wrote in my previous article, there are several watches similar to Rolex, like Orient, Seiko, Steinhart, but in these cases the budget rises from 100 to 1000 euros. Below you will find an example of a comparison between the Orient Big Mako and our new purchase:

Here, with about 20 dollars, you bring home an economic and automatic clock; therefore, those who buy such products are also part of an audience that does not want to spend a crazy amount, but that is at least attentive to mechanics. Below I will share my impressions of the watch, the accuracy of the movement, the dimensions, the finishes of the case and more.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Replica Watch

In 1960, the intrepid oceanographers Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh performed the legendary dive to the deepest point on Earth, aboard the bathyscaphe Trieste, a kind of submarine perfected for expeditions of great sea depths. At the time, the adventurers ventured on a mission that lasted about 9 hours, and they reached the incredible mark of 10,916 meters of depth, an extreme and extraordinary experience. The point, then, was christened Challenger Deep.
After 52 years of the great achievement, acclaimed film director James Cameron, in partnership with National Geographic, decided to return to the depths of the Earth, more precisely to the Trench of the Marianas, in an attempt to reach 11,000 meters deep. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the point marks the boundary between the tectonic plates of the Pacific and the Philippines and had never been accessed given its immense depth. It is said that scientists have more knowledge about the surface of Mars than about the species and conditions of the ‘Challenger Deep’. And so, this time the location would be filmed with high resolution 3D cameras and would collect samples for research in the field of marine biology, microbiology, geology and geophysics.

This new expedition, called the Rolex replica Deepsea Challenge, used a new submersible, specially designed for the mission and also had the partnership of Rolex, since it needed a clock, a time gauge, that could accurately capture all the details of the maritime operations.

Rolex replica emerged as a natural partner, since its expertise had already been enshrined in the first dive (1960) with Deep Sea Special, an experimental Oyster model that was coupled to the hull of Trieste. This time, what seemed like a mission impossible for any other team, was not an obstacle for Rolex replica watches engineers – to build an even more robust watch, capable of withstanding the highest pressures on the seabed in just 5 weeks .

The constant quest for perfection resulted in the Rolex Deepsea Challenge prototype, which was tied to the robotic arm of the James Cameron submersible. The watch worked perfectly throughout the dive, confirming Rolex’s status as the leading brand in precision and watertightness. The Deepsea Challenge expedition with James Cameron reached the deepest point on Earth on March 26, 2012, reaching 10,908 meters.

Taking into account the diameter of the 3135 automatic rope mechanical movement and the Rolex replica Deepsea dial, the engineers calculated the necessary technical dimensions that could withstand about 17 tons of weight on the sapphire crystal and 23 tons on the back of the box, suffered at depths of up to 15,000 meters. In addition, the watch should maintain the aesthetic and unmistakable Rolex design.

The replica Rolex Deepsea Challenge Oyster box is 51.4 mm in diameter and 28.5 mm thick and was produced with three different materials: 904L steel for the central part, an alloy steel and nitrogen and titanium grade 5, which was used to the back of the carton, which should withstand higher pressures.

The bigger proportions of the box made the crown and the telescope also be adapted to the new project and received special attention of the designers, since they are part of the whole triplock system of sealing. A new laser technology has made the engraving of the logo and the specifications of the watch in black, reinforcing the high-tech appeal of the watch.

The black bottom dial of the Rolex Deepsea replica watches was used as the base, with only depth markings changed to 39,370 ft = 12,000 m. Hour markers and pointers received the Chromalight blue luminescent treatment for better reading of the information in the dark background of the seabed.

Like the first Deep Sea Special model, the sapphire crystal that lines the dial should be reinforced. At 14.3 mm thick, the new crystal proved to be robust enough and offered excellent dial viewing.

James Cameron’s pioneering spirit of adventure and all the details of the Deepsea Challenge expedition are roaring the world through exhibitions and lectures, where the two prototype watches – the 1960 Rolex Deepsea Special and the replica Rolex Deepsea Challenge – will also be on display. To learn more about this project, just check the website of Rolex and National Geographic.

The Evolution of Rolex Replica Watch Straps

The straps, bracelets, bracelets, armix or as everyone you want to call have undergone great changes over the years in Rolex replica watch straps.

The first metal strap that was implanted in a Rolex was in the 30’s, it is a very simple manufacturing belt, of small mesh, thin thickness and joined together, the closure is a steel plate made of steel, Gold or both and that it is held between the meshes, the referring models that carried this type of belt were the classic Prince and Bubbleback. Subsequently a series of changes are made in the closure and begin to appear a series of evolutions that will be reflected in successive versions.

In the 40’s Gay Frères, the company responsible for designing the belts to Rolex replica, develops a new model consisting of small oval links interlaced with each other, this type of belt provides a lot of flexibility to the person who carries it and is Infinitely more comfortable than the previous one, for that reason they are very happy with the evolution obtained, but not everything could be advantages … The high cost that carries the realization of these belts limits the sales, since the price of a single belt is almost equivalent to The clock itself. That is why these belts are very sought after by collectors since at this time it was preferred to wear a leather belt to be much cheaper.

Gay Freres Bamboo Strap

After the Second World War Rolex begins a relationship with another manufacturer and is when the already well-known Oyster belt with rivets is born, this model is composed of 12 sections of 16mm wide mesh, the closure and materials do not suppose a great evolution, they are Similar to previous models.

In 1945, the Jubilee model, which plays a very important role in the history of the brand’s watchmaking as it is the first creation of the brand without the need for intermediaries, replica Rolex was enriched Of the experience of being able to work side by side with its suppliers to be able to manufacture its own belt. Firstly only Jubilee straps are made in gold, with this brand wanted to magnify the elegance and luxury of it.

In the year 1947 Rolex registered the patent for the first model Oyster truly riveted to 100%, the design of the watch narrows towards the box, no longer has the same width throughout the route, finally in early 1948 begins to market with A great welcome from the public until 1954 which is when Rolex presents a new closure denominated Flush-Fit, the first clock that incorporates this innovation is the Rolex GMT Master ref. 6542 that was presented that same year.
The presentation of the Rolex Day-date replica watches at the Basel Fair of 1956 coincides with the addition of a new armix, this new model replaces the Jubilee and is only sold in 18k gold or platinum. The first piece of this edition is “donated” to the then President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower, so this belt is commonly known as the President.

Rolex mainly manufactures its President belt but a certain amount of it is in charge of fabricating outside suppliers, it is said to avoid import charges and tariffs. During the 60s a large lotus of President belts are made in Japan and even in Argentina, of course the legend “Swiss Made” omiten.

Over the years the Jubilee bracelets begin to offer a more “modest” public in steel versions and also mixed. Oyster models are also produced in both steel and gold and mixed versions but these are mostly made in the United States.

Rolex Oyster introduced a change in its models, the change gradually replaced the last rivets of the model, the closing is also a small box with lock called Flip-lock for the models Submariner and Sea -Dweller, also incorporate a unique novelty: the extension of diving

During the 70’s, watch-specific strap models were created with side-closing quartz machinery. In 1975 the models of folded mesh of Jubilee and Oyster are changed following the line of the most modern with lock of security Flip-lock. In 1980 with the launch of the new replica watches Rolex Sea Dweller 16660 another Oyster version with more robust links is incorporated, a clock of aspect harder with glass of sapphire and of great dimensions.

Nowadays, the Swiss watchmaker par excellence continues, albeit at a slower pace, making new improvements and always successful changes in its sublime bracelets

Rolex replica best, where to buy without being cheated.

Important premise: replica / clone watch sales (Rolex in particular) is on the rise. As far as I’m concerned, I would suggest, if one can not afford the original, buy another type of watch, perhaps at the same price as the replica. Original. I recommend you read the whole topic.

Come on then. I open this topic after receiving spam emails that promote the purchase of Rolex replica watches in Switzerland (?!?!?) At prices, of course, much lower than those of the original Rolex. As a fan of watches (original) and curious about the thing I did a network search discovering that it is, for the most part, sites that sell, basically, sun. Sun meant as screaming scams.

That is, after paying the required amount (varying from 100 to 300-400-500 and above euro), at home there is NO REQUEST the requested replica. Swindle. And after the damage, the mockery: it is not possible to file any complaint because, if you go to denounce the fraud regarding the purchase of a false object, they put you inside. The web and various Facebook pages are full of these packet, scams and Rolex replica of “AAAA grade” (?!?!?) Well paid but never delivered.

I have decided to open this topic (which I hope will be indexed moooool top) to clarify the issue and to help all those users and visitors who just can not afford to buy a replica Rolex.

Where do you buy the replicas of Rolex, Omega, Panerai, and all other watches without being fooled?

    1) EVOLVE ALL ITALIAN SITES and all those websites (and Facebook pages) written in a bad Italian (done with the translator)

    2) To the limit, but just to the limit, if you think you have found an honest seller accepted ONLY the hand-exchange

IMPORTANT: Once again, forums come to our aid. Which represent the instrument through which you can better orient yourself in the magnum sea of ​​the follies and the sun of the internet. By doing other searches, in English, always on the same topic (Rolex replica) I found the largest American community devoted to replica watches. On the same, there are genuine and absolutely certified sellers. You will also find many reviews, with lots of VERY replica watches for sale. And I noticed that, fortunately, there are also Italian users who, good for them, may have avoided the scams mentioned above.

The site in question is www. ReplicaWatchesBest . Co.Uk (remove spaces)

And inside the same you find a real MONDO dedicated to replica watches. As mentioned, if you can not afford to buy a replica, see the “Trusted Replica Dealers” section. (Certified vendors). Of all the people I’ve seen, the RK’s Repertorium Rolex looks really nice and well done to me. And with Swiss ETA movement.

N.B. As far as I’m concerned, I never bought this forum (I do not buy replicas). If, as you have already said, you would buy an unparalleled Rolex, take a good look at that forum and contact the salespeople personally to ask ALL the questions before proceeding to a purchase. And if the answers do not convince you, let it go.


A Rolex replica to follow the trends of David and Victoria Beckham

It is clear that dressing as David or Victoria Beckham is almost impossible because of the luxury of their garments and accessories, but we can try to imitate them with a Rolex replica, total to us will not zoom in with the paparazzi to get the point to what we wear and so The aesthetic set that we will get will be similar, although much cheaper.


They say that Victoria Beckham is the commercial brain of the couple and, if this is true, the truth is that she seems a real expert in public relations and marketing. What about the photograph? Chance? It could be, but the case is that the shot is perfect to enhance the two Rolex replica models that the pair replica watches watching an NBA game.

No one can deny that the Beckham marriage as far as plant is concerned is left over, especially it, of course. But this does not mean that being able to be a true reference in today’s fashion and, above all, to endure as such after the withdrawal of both of the respective professions that gave them to fame has much merit.
A Rolex replica is a piece that has no expiration, Rolex replica watches are and will always be symbol of class and status.
And it seems that Victoria has managed to go a step further, getting her look and that of David Beckham are referent, not for the general public, but for other celebrities so the relevance of what they wear is even greater.