The New Batman also uses a Rolex Replica

This post I did taking advantage that these days Ben Affleck is in fashion, you know why? Well because it will be the new Batman … siiii or through the movie Batman will make a premiere, but this time with another talented Hollywood actor, also read that this tape promises to be more innovative and a little different from the superhero costume. Hopefully they will keep us very focused watching this new movie that will be released until 2015, Ben is not my favorite actor and I am not really sure that the role of Batman will fit him, which if I am sure we will see in The movie a lot of action, villains and good against evil (winning as always good) that is what we like.

Like every respected celebrity, Ben is also a fan of one of the world’s most widely recognized watch brands such as Rolex replica. So not only takes his watch in his moments of relaxation but also part of the recordings, this time the filming of the film Argo where he plays Tony Méndez. In the photo you can see Ben wearing a replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. I love the combination of black with silver on this watch!

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