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New Omega Speedmaster Replica Watch – Baselworld 2018

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” Apollo 8

In 1968, the Omega replica Apollo 8 astronauts became the first human beings to see the “hidden side of the Moon”, and this chronograph wants to be a tribute to the famous lunar mission. A skeleton dial shows a decorated version of Moonwatch’s 1861 caliber, which reproduces the lunar surface in a rather realistic way.

 Baselworld 2018 speedmaster moonwatch apollo 8

The details and colors differentiate it from the classic “Dark Side of the Moon” model: the ring is graduated with a tachymeter scale filled with white SuperLuminova, as well as the hour and minute hands, while the chronograph and complication hands are yellow .

Turning it around, around the transparent case, Omega replica is written “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE” (see you on the other side), the last words directed by the astronaut Jim Lovell at the base, a few moments before traveling with the ‘Apollo 8 towards the dark side of the Moon.

The replica Omega black leather strap recalls the yellow details with seams of the same color. The beautiful black case keeps the size of about 44 mm in diameter.

Basel 2017 Exhibition : New Replica Omega Speedmasters

The Swiss replica watch brand Omega unveils 2 new Speedmasters that will present at the Baselworld Show from 23 to 30 March. One is the Spedmaster Automatic, again dressed with the racing dial, the other the Spedmaster 38 mm with a beige dial nicknamed Capuccino.
1. Omega Speedmaster Automatic

In line with the tradition of the Omega replica brand all Speedmaster 2017 are based on the spirit and design of the models that preceded them. The graphic element on the track of the minutes of this steel timepiece made its first appearance in the Speedmaster of 1968.

New Omega Speedmaster Replica Automatic 2017
This detail, which incorporates the tradition of the famous chronograph linked to motor racing, now returns to an opaque black dial. On it stand out the orange details and the bevelled arrow markers in 18K white gold coated with Super-LumiNova.
For this model the small counters have been slightly enlarged while the 44.25 mm case is thinner than previous versions thanks to a new sapphire crystal.
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The polished ceramic bezel is characterized by the brushed tachimetric scale in Liquidmetal. The orange writing is combined with the color of the hour and minute hands and the tip of the seconds hand.

The Omega replica watch is completed by a perforated black leather strap with an orange rubber inner lining. These small holes give a perfect sporty look as well as allowing the aeration of the skin.

The Speedmaster Automatic represents the next Speedmaster model with a Master Chronometer certification. Its 9900 caliber movement is characterized by a high resistance to magnetic fields and certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

2. Omega Speedmaster 38 mm “Cappuccino”

The second novelty Baselworld 2017 of Omega replica watches concerns the 38 mm collection. The model, nicknamed Cappuccino, has a 18-karat steel and gold Sedna case, while the strap is in light brown leather.

New Omega Replica Speedmaster 38 mm 2017
One of the most precious elements of the watch is the diamond paved bezel which also includes the tachymeter scale arranged on a brown aluminum ring.

The watch has a two-tone dial with small brown oval contactors that look very closely like the replica Omega logo.

The dial also features an oval date at 6 o’clock and stick hands and hour markers made of 18-karat Sedna gold. The iconic medallion with the Speedmaster seahorse is printed on the back. Inside, the watch is powered by the copy OMEGA 3330 caliber, complete with Co-Axial technology and silicon rocker spring. The timepiece has a 4 year warranty.

Sixty years after the presentation of the first Speedmaster this chronograph is still an extraordinary source of inspiration.

Like supermodel Cindy Crawford with an Omega replica

Omega replica watch cindy crawford replica The supermodel concept mainly refers to a small group of models that reached the top in the ’80s. One of them was Cindy Crawford who still retains a great look that usually complements with an Omega watch.


It is true that today there are great models but, it was in the 80’s when a select group of young models achieved an unparalleled fame. Personally, Cindy Crawford always struck me as special, although perhaps at the time the one that had the most repercussion was Claudia Schiffer. But if the other supermodels stood out for their scandals, Cindy did it for her elegance.
Replica omega watch crawford cindy Although she is a bit older to keep on parading, there are still many brands that would kill Cindy because of her models. Well, in watches, Cindy is from Omega, a brand that always tries to choose representatives who are characterized, more than other attributes, for its elegant style.

He recently presented the collection for the summer of 2014 with a spectacular swimsuit. And is that by Cindy Crawford does not spend time nor through a replica Omega watch.

Being like Cindy Crawford is, unfortunately, impossible … so at least I will save money and settle for an Omega replica.

Omega Replica Watches Liquidmetal – the story continues

After being the world’s attention during the recent Olympic Games încheiatelor prestigious replica Omega brand is now the protagonist of a new patent, this time for a new type of material used to manufacture the replica watches uk: Liquidmetal.

It is a metallic alloy, developed by a team of researchers own Swatch Group in collaboration with specialists, alloy characterized by a non-crystalline atomic structure irregular and amorphous surface. The melting temperature of Liquidmetal’s is close to half that of conventional titanium alloys, but when cooled hardness is 3 times higher than that of steel.
Liquidmetal this makes it a highly suitable material for making telescopes for replica watches as easily adhere to high-tech ceramics. With granular than a tenth of a millimeter, alloy patented Omega replica can serve very well to burn various markings on the rear window, providing great visibility and long wear. In the manufacture’s Liquidmetal use different proportions of zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel and beryllium.

Omega replica once again proves the high level of technology and excellence in manufacturing watches achieved their laboratories, which joins the achievements of ancient mechanism coaxial coil and silicon.

The first clock that will benefit new Seamaster Planet Ocean material will be Liquidmetal® Limited Edition, equipped with Omega caliber 2500 Co-Axial.