The birth of the Rolex GMT-Master replica

Since the beginning of the 1950s, there has been a worldwide development of means of transport. The widening of international relations requires rapid communication between cities and continents; The people of travelers grow and civil air transport moves its first steps.

In 1954, the Boeing 707 successfully completed its first flight, after a period of intense experimentation, the jet was put into service by the airline Pan American Airways, which advertised it as “The Civil Aviation Aircraft undergoing major tests.” In this experiment, the Pan Am also cares about the physical and psychic endurance of its riders, coming to the conclusion that it was very helpful to leave an indication of home time, combined with the time of the place reached. Virtually, it was necessary to provide the pilots with a “technical” wristwatch that simultaneously indicated the two different times. And from here the Pan Am to the Rolex replica asked to create a new watch and then the birth of this first true modern-day aviator watch: a dual-timed watch.

The name of GMT-MASTER was chosen. GMT comes from Greenwich Mean Time, the Greenwich Time, a suburb of London, home to an important observatory for which the world’s most prominent local sea salt passes, defined as convention by point 0 (zero).


We are in 1954 and a Rolex print book of Basel ’97 between the historical dates of the Maison we read: 1954 ROLEX PRESENTS “GMT-MASTER, A CLOCK THAT ADVISES THE SIMULTANEOUS READING OF TWO TIMES“. We also read on other documents that the registration of the GMT-MASTER II replica name took place in April 1955.

1954 – 1955, however, was born the first true modern day aviator watch, one of the watches most sought after by fans around the world. The first GMT has an additional central hand, which turns a full round every 24 hours, but is linked to that of the hours, that is, if the latter marks the 10, the additional one can mark the 10 or the 22, but not a Different time. To be able to read the indication of the second miter, Rolex replica has adopted a rotating bezel divided into 24 sectors. The reading method is very simple: rotate the lunette, as opposed to the 12/24 index on the dial, for as many hours as those of the second melt difference compared to the reference one.

This model with reference 6542, made in 18 ct gold. In steel, has different characteristics than the following references: a diaphragm of 38 mm. Instead of 40, a slimmer “carrure” and the charge crown was devoid of protective shards.
Simple and essential is the dial with luminescent indices and hands, a white, gold or silver graphic, and the date, at three o’clock, overlaid by the magnifying glass on plastic glass.

The Evolution of Rolex Replica Watch Straps

The straps, bracelets, bracelets, armix or as everyone you want to call have undergone great changes over the years in Rolex replica watch straps.

The first metal strap that was implanted in a Rolex was in the 30’s, it is a very simple manufacturing belt, of small mesh, thin thickness and joined together, the closure is a steel plate made of steel, Gold or both and that it is held between the meshes, the referring models that carried this type of belt were the classic Prince and Bubbleback. Subsequently a series of changes are made in the closure and begin to appear a series of evolutions that will be reflected in successive versions.

In the 40’s Gay Frères, the company responsible for designing the belts to Rolex replica, develops a new model consisting of small oval links interlaced with each other, this type of belt provides a lot of flexibility to the person who carries it and is Infinitely more comfortable than the previous one, for that reason they are very happy with the evolution obtained, but not everything could be advantages … The high cost that carries the realization of these belts limits the sales, since the price of a single belt is almost equivalent to The clock itself. That is why these belts are very sought after by collectors since at this time it was preferred to wear a leather belt to be much cheaper.

Gay Freres Bamboo Strap

After the Second World War Rolex begins a relationship with another manufacturer and is when the already well-known Oyster belt with rivets is born, this model is composed of 12 sections of 16mm wide mesh, the closure and materials do not suppose a great evolution, they are Similar to previous models.

In 1945, the Jubilee model, which plays a very important role in the history of the brand’s watchmaking as it is the first creation of the brand without the need for intermediaries, replica Rolex was enriched Of the experience of being able to work side by side with its suppliers to be able to manufacture its own belt. Firstly only Jubilee straps are made in gold, with this brand wanted to magnify the elegance and luxury of it.

In the year 1947 Rolex registered the patent for the first model Oyster truly riveted to 100%, the design of the watch narrows towards the box, no longer has the same width throughout the route, finally in early 1948 begins to market with A great welcome from the public until 1954 which is when Rolex presents a new closure denominated Flush-Fit, the first clock that incorporates this innovation is the Rolex GMT Master ref. 6542 that was presented that same year.
The presentation of the Rolex Day-date replica watches at the Basel Fair of 1956 coincides with the addition of a new armix, this new model replaces the Jubilee and is only sold in 18k gold or platinum. The first piece of this edition is “donated” to the then President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower, so this belt is commonly known as the President.

Rolex mainly manufactures its President belt but a certain amount of it is in charge of fabricating outside suppliers, it is said to avoid import charges and tariffs. During the 60s a large lotus of President belts are made in Japan and even in Argentina, of course the legend “Swiss Made” omiten.

Over the years the Jubilee bracelets begin to offer a more “modest” public in steel versions and also mixed. Oyster models are also produced in both steel and gold and mixed versions but these are mostly made in the United States.

Rolex Oyster introduced a change in its models, the change gradually replaced the last rivets of the model, the closing is also a small box with lock called Flip-lock for the models Submariner and Sea -Dweller, also incorporate a unique novelty: the extension of diving

During the 70’s, watch-specific strap models were created with side-closing quartz machinery. In 1975 the models of folded mesh of Jubilee and Oyster are changed following the line of the most modern with lock of security Flip-lock. In 1980 with the launch of the new replica watches Rolex Sea Dweller 16660 another Oyster version with more robust links is incorporated, a clock of aspect harder with glass of sapphire and of great dimensions.

Nowadays, the Swiss watchmaker par excellence continues, albeit at a slower pace, making new improvements and always successful changes in its sublime bracelets