Simply dial into the wild to replace the strap to play mix and match

For women, the watch is playing more the role of a kind of accessory. Woman’s watch, how complicated do not need, do not need a lot of additional features, as long as the stylish, sophisticated design will be able to hit the hearts of women, if they can buy a table with different clothes, that more is better and better a. Thus, each brand has also launched a dial intimate simple and elegant, but you can replace the wrist strap style, a watch will be able to match a variety of styles.
Daniel Wellington
Seems to be overnight, Daniel Wellington to fire up, shoot from the god Nick Wooster Street, to the brightest fashion, regardless of boys and girls, small fresh or locomotive male, are undoubtedly exceptions to this simple design of the watch to prisoner. Almost become fashionable circles tacit essential artifact, whether you are wearing sportswear, fashion or dress, you can wear it to match. And the price is also less than two thousand people first.

DW has a variety of wild fashion alternative strap

With the solemn tradition of luxury replica watch it is different, Daniel Wellington to casual to serious, for a minimalist luxury. Dial big but not chaos, in addition to traditional display outside, the entire surface is no extra modification, Daniel Wellington only a lot of effort on the dial color, in addition to the introduction of a nylon strap leather strap outside only. Color strip and white nylon strap, let Daniel Wellington are marked sharp Preppy style (Preppy usually refers to upper middle class America, the private high school teenagers). Daniel Wellington to Preppy pop style, and with the use of NATO (NATO band originated in the British Navy watches, to prevent rusting metal bracelet, they are usually made of sturdy nylon cloth strap) for the strap, ” College + Leisure retro “simple and elegant appearance, full of small fresh range of children, forming a strong British style. With Daniel Wellington brand continues to evolve, it’s temperament and the formation of a continuous distillation and other watches entirely different signs. Now, whether it is money or nylon with leather strap new models, all with a deep sense of academic style and timeless minimalist design.